Engaging socially disadvantaged people in cultural life in Slovakia

Some experts say the status of minorities is the best barometer of democracy. However, the intensity of xenophobia and prejudice in Slovakia remains very strong even 25 years after the Velvet Revolution. We believe that cultural and community events are one of the most effective ways to fight these stereotypes and how to build a culture of mutual understanding and respect for diversity. This project is a continuation of our long-term goal of creating a more tolerant society.

The project Engaging of socially disadvantaged groups into cultural life in Slovakia focuses on the involvement of minorities and other socially disadvantaged groups in the cultural life in Slovakia and will present their cultural and social reality to the general public through public events. Project partners - The Alliance Stará Tržnica, the Nordic Black Theater and the Reykjavik Academy have a long-term experience with similar activities, and many such groups will be involved in the project, especially migrants and aliens, refugees and asylum seekers, homeless people, the elderly and the Roma minority.

We also want to explore how our partners and other members of civil society in Norway and Iceland work with different socially excluded communities and how they support their cultural needs.

The project will be implemented in Bratislava in Slovakia (Festival Error, Festival in the Old Marketplace) and in four other cities, probably in Humenné, Košice, Banská Bystrica and Žilina (World Refugee Day), Norway in Oslo (study tour) and Iceland in Reykjavik (study tour).